Escape the Stress Trap with Agile Mindfulness!

When is your motivation the highest to do something about stress? Usually we only think of it when we reach our limit of strain. As long we don’t suffer from stress we hardly think of doing anything to develop our stress-resilience.
This is why ESM-Embodied Stress Management was developed. It is the First Aid Kit for stress-situations.
ESM-Embodied Stress Management is based on three basic facts:
  • Stress occurs when there is a lack of reasonable options for action.
  • Action always is linked to bodily movement.
  • The size of movement is not relevant for our nervous system.

ESM-Embodied Stress Management works with Micromoves. These are easy, invisible movements which can be carried out anywhere and anytime. The movements are designed to calm the nervous system and to free the breath.

Thus you regain your options for action and will be able to escape the stress trap.

Your Benefit

ESM – Embodied Stress Management offers relaxation and centeredness right when stress is at it’s peak. You train the micromoves with short easy-to-do awareness exercises, which can be practised discreetly anywhere and anytime.

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About the book

ESM – Embodied Stress Management

Mindfulness is a good strategy to deal with stress. But how can we find mindfulness for ourselves when everything goes haywire?
ESM-Embodied Stress Management is an easy-to-understand method that allows you to observe yourself at precisely the moment when you experience stress and to then restore access to your body’s resources. That is why every exercise is accompanied by a micromove: a discreet, invisible movement that can be carried out anywhere and anytime and will smooth the edge of any unpleasant experience of stress.

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About the Author

Konrad Wiesendanger studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and worked as an urban planner and design architect. After an accident he discovered the Feldenkrais Method and was immediately fascinated by its approach for developing your personality with the aid of conscious movements.

He studied the Feldenkrais Method in New York with Russell Delman and Alan Questel as well as studying systemic coaching at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He runs his own practice of complementary therapy and coaching in Lucerne, Switzerland.

His experiences with space, movement, and organization led Konrad Wiesendanger to ergonomics consulting and therefore back to the business world, where in the past few years he has met an increasing number of stressed-out individuals on the verge of burnout.

And again, it was conscious movement that became the key for many people suffering from stress. Konrad Wiesendanger presents his experiences to the public for the first time in this book.

The author is available for lectures, keynote speeches and book presentations. From 30-minute short events to two-hour short workshops, you can order your tailor-made and attractively priced offer.

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