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Cut the peak of stress

First Aid for Stress

When are you motivated the most to do something against stress?

How do you cut the peak of stress? Usually we are reminded of it when we reach our limit. As long we don’t suffer from stress we hardly think of practising our stress resilience.

This is why ESM-Embodied Stress Management has been developed. It is the First Aid Kit for Stress.

First Aid Kit for Stress

Three Facts about Stress

Three Facts about Stress
  • Stress occurs when there is a lack of useful options to act.
  • Action is always linked to bodily movement.
  • For our nervous system the size of the movements is of no relevance.

Micromoves – the Key against Stress

Micromoves are easy and invisible movements which can be practised anytime and anywhere. These movements are designed to calm the nervous system and make sure that the breath can flow easily.

Thus you regain your capacity to act and will be able to cut the peak of your stress.

The Book: ESM – Embodied Stress Management

Front page of ESM book

Mindfulness is a good strategy to deal with stress. But how can we find mindfulness for ourselves when everything goes haywire? ESM-Embodied Stress Management is an easy-to-understand method that allows you to observe yourself at precisely the moment when you experience stress and to then restore access to your body’s resources. That is why every exercise is accompanied by a micromove: a discreet, invisible movement that can be carried out anywhere and anytime and will smooth the edge of any unpleasant experience of stress.

Workshops and Trainings

In addition to the book ESM-Embodied Stress Management, workshops and instructor trainings are available. Let yourself be guided by an experienced instructor or become an ESM-Instructor yourself.


ESM-Embodied Stress Management is trained by certified ESM Instructors in companies, universities and to private individuals.

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